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Armed Security Training

Umbrella Tactics, Inc.
Weapons Training and Tactical Applications

Umbrella Tactics Inc. is a small Veteran Owned company who specializes in defensive weapons and small unit operations. We operate out of a private training facility in Fountain Colorado. Our facility has a live fire range, classroom with powerpoint, a padded room dojo for defensive tactics and a vehicle tactical driving area.

UTI provides specialized unconventional warfare training to both federal & OCONUS contracts up for bid. For more information on this, contact UTI's Director of Operations.

Umbrella Tactics Inc. is capable of teaching tactics on the live fire range to include, defensive & offensive pistol, rifle, scoped rifle, sub gun, shotgun, breaching shotgun and close quarters battle (CQB). We also use live fire at night, to give the students a versatile range of weapons application.

UTI also teaches weapons safety to civilians to include Concealed Carry Permits (Valid in 32 States), Basic Gun Safety and Family Home Defense.

If you are interested, UTI's instructors can provide private courses which can include a course curriculum of your choosing. If you want a family defense course or a private tactical course, You choose!

Umbrella Tactics name was chosen because of its versatility in the tactics world. We envelope basic firearms safety to the unconventional operations realm.

Train like Work, Work like you Train!


New to Umbrella Tactics:

We can NOW Provide Firearms for Rent in groups of 4 or more up to 25. If you have a Group of people who want to shoot, but don't have the weapons to do so.

We can now provide:

  • AR 15 Rifles
  • Sig Sauer P226 9mm
  • Baretta 9mm
  • Magazines for all
  • Holsters
  • Slings
  • Mag holders

Note* AMMO NOT Included!

The below Videos are a demonstration of UTI's techniques and quality. "REALSIM" is a small company which UTI Instructs for. This is a great example of what you can learn from UTI!

Gun Safety Instructor Jesse Johnson

ETHOS: Honor meus arma salute erit!

Questions? Contact us about anything. We ready to answer questions about armed security training, firearm safety, concealed permits and more.

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